The goal of this potential project is to acquire, restore and/or renovate, and reuse Mineral City Elementary School (and if necessary Bolivar Elementary School) for numerous potential for-profit and non-profit purposes only if the Tuscarawas Valley Local School District's levy to construct a new elementary school on the same campus as the high school and consolidate the existing elemantary schools to it passes.

Should the levy pass, TVLSD would apply to the Ohio School Facilities Commission for demolition funds and would raze Bolivar and Mineral City Elementary Schools after the new school is constructed and open for business. The Village of Mineral City Council is reportedly interested in acquiring the vacant land of the former school to use for other purposes.

We have no official position on whether this levy measure should be approved or rejected. However we and others disagree that these schools need to be razed, and instead argue that should the levy pass, the TVLSD could as permitted by the Ohio Revised Code convey the schools and properties to third parties interested in their preservation and reuse. The OSFC demolition funds are discretionary and can be returned to OSFC without penalty, and demolition of unneeded facilities is not mandated by OSFC.

Once conveyed TVLSD would no longer be obligated to finance the facilities' administration or maintenance, yet would benefit from their reuse should such uses include economic development of jobs, higher education provision, and taxes that would support TVLSD, all moreso than vacant land would.

Organizations' and small start-up businesses' barrier to market entry costs would be reduced since the non-profit facility would be equally shared among all users. Multiple reuses would ensure the former school's proper financing for administration and maintenance, and foundation grants would be pursued for any initial or critical capital expenditures.

We have brainstormed the following potential re-uses, and welcome your ideas for potential reuses should the TVLSD levy pass-


Please see our webpage Repurposing Facilities



Ohio School Facility Commission Project Responsibility Report c.4-24-2009



After 3-3-2009 the Volunteers of Today's Committee for Tomorrow's Schools established the website Go TV! Invest - It's Elementary at http://gotv-invest.com In its Frequently Asked Questions page under the "What will happen to TV Primary and TV Intermediate?" question, they reply "... the Board plans to offer the existing land and playgrounds to the villages of Bolivar and Mineral City, respectively, following the abatement/demolition of TV Primary and TV Intermediate Schools." Under the "Couldn't the district sell the existing land to generate needed revenue?" question, they reply "The Board of Education believes that school property belongs to the taxpayers and first consideration, therefore, should be given to the respective villages.  Moreover, the school district is not a for-profit, privately owned organization.  If the villages of Bolivar or Mineral City decline the offer, the Board of Education will pursue other viable options."

On 3-23-2009 a letter was sent to the Tuscarawas Valley Local School District Board of Education introducing the CSTVCIC, indicating our interest of acquiring one if not both schools as permitted per Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.41 and potential reuses.

According to a 3-31-2009 Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter article here, the Campaign Steering Committee will hold town hall meetings on 4-14-2009 at Tuscarawas Valley Intermediate School at Bolivar and 4-15-2009 at Tuscarawas Valley Primary School at Mineral City both starting at 7pm.

On 4-13-2009 the Tuscarawas Valley Local School District Board of Education held its monthly meeting. The CSTVCIC letter was not on its agenda, no mention of the CSTVCIC letter was made during the meeting, and it is unknown if Board members received a copy of it.

According to a 4-16-2009 Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter article here, the Campaign Steering Committee held town hall meetings on 4-14-2009 at Tuscarawas Valley Intermediate School at Bolivar and 4-15-2009 at Tuscarawas Valley Primary School at Mineral City. At the meeting, school officials noted they were grateful for the history and heritage of the old schools. After the new schools are constructed, they planned to demolish the buildings and give the land back to their respective villages. The Board would not sell the land to the villages. School officials' arguments for not keeping the buildings included-

On 4-24-2009 a letter to the editor was submitted in favor of the school levy by Rick Lewis, Executive Director, Ohio School Boards Association Courtesy Graphic Publications http://www.gpubs.com

The next TV Bond Steering Committee meeting was held on 4-28-2009 at 6:30PM in Tusky Valley High School.

On 4-29-2009 the CSTVCIC submitted a letter to the Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter asking that the Bolivar and Mineral City schools not be demolished and instead be conveyed to it for various reuses.

On 5-2-2009 the Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter printed the CSTVCIC letter (without Trustees Phil Rufener's and Ed Taggart's and Executive Director Daniel Van Epps' signatures).

The 5-5-2009 levy subsequently failed. Tuscarawas County TVLSD District results are here and Stark County TVLSD District results are here.

On 6-8-2009 the TVLSD Board of Education held its monthly meeting. According to a 6-10-2009 Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter article here, there is pending legislation to extend the Ohio School Facilities Commission new replacement school financing program to 12-31-2009 vs. its current 8-1-1009 ending, but nothing has been approved. According to OSFC Planning Manager Steven Roka II, the 12-31-2009 extension was still included in state budget bill HB 1, Section 385.70 as passed by the State Senate. (Analysis of HB 1 regarding "Temporary extension of deadline to raise local share of a CFAP project" is here on pp.553-554.) HB 1 must next goto the joint House-Senate Conference Committee for compromise, and if passed there and by both houses again, HB 1 is then advanced to Gov. Ted Strickland for his signature.

According to a 9-16-2009 Dover-New Philadelphia Times-Reporter article here, the TVLSD Board of Education acquired an 18-acre parcel from the Marie Reed family for $98,500, but the Board reportedly has no current plans to place a new school bond issue on the ballot.

The TVLSD BOE will host three "What Do You Want to Know" community roundtable discussions Thursday, November 19 at the Warren Township Community Center (former New Cumberland Elementary School) beginning at 10:00 AM, Thursday, February 18 at 6:30 PM in the TV Middle School Library, and Friday, April 16 at 8:00 AM at the ROC in Bolivar. ³The purpose of the roundtable forum is to provide an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and learn more about the district,² says Mark A. Murphy, Superintendent. ³We couldnıt do what we do without the active involvement of our community. Our goal is to provide open, available, and transparent interaction with local residents.²